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Reflections on intimacy with technology and the desire to reduce uniformity. Read it here.

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This is primarily why I bought a Raspberry Pi years ago! To make a somewhat-modular handheld computer that could do the things I want it to do. Nothing more, nothing less. The best part is you can do everything you described in your post including the solar panel thing! (You probably know that already, but thought it could be useful for people who might not :D)

But yup, would be amazing if these were available the way the touch screen devices of today are available.

Thanks for the writing and your insights! <3

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a really insightful essay :) this inspired me to dig out my old kindle 2 (which amazingly still works a decade on) and figure out how to load some blogs on it

Thank you very much for your thoughts.

Cereza, the cat, killed my kindle 3 a couple of years ago and I've been through two devices already trying to replace it. It's really hard and it makes me sad. I wish more devices were sturdy like that.

This got me thinking back to my mom's Palm Pilot she had in the early 2000's, and how the whole family seemed to become enraptured by the little thing.

I also have an old-ass e-ink kindle somewhere...you can tell it's old because the internet browser function is under the "experimental" category. I should pull that out and see if it still holds a charge, and put some pdfs on it.

This is so good. Thank you. I too dream of an e-ink cyberdeck (well, I call it a cyberdeck--no one else has to) for portable writing and stuff.

I want to carry around a paperback/woodflute/toy dog-sized device I made! You should make some clothes! I think you should. I made some pants out of old fabric. It has a feeling. Connects to something missing. Says hi. The missing something.

I had this UNO device. The screen cracked. Liquid crystal fanned. It felt like breaking a mirror. I got scared. The look confused me. It was beautiful and sad and mystical. It felt like losing a game group. To something big. Like an oil spill.

Reading your pice, I get to where you talk about how jewelery and handhelds live symilar lives dissimilar lifespans, where I remember this Navi handheld cosplay project. Non functional, but it nice to see the aesthetic and statement has enough appeal to went the project.



So good! Read this on my frankensteined repaired iphone 7. Really appreciated the dynamic of going against commodified nostalgia and current gameboy-likes but also missing tech intimacy. I yearn for a clunky but handheld companion, hope we see one someday :’)